Thursday 7 January 2010

Get Well Soon - Vexations

We're only a week into 2010 and already there's a strong candidate for this years best album in the shape of Get Well Soon's "Vexations". At the end of last year I included Get Well Soon, a.k.a. Konstantin Gropper in my Ten for 2010 on the basis of lead single "5 Steps / 7 Swords" and the sheer impact his debut album had already made on me.

I'm not usually one for reviews (and its a few weeks til the album is released) but having now heard the album in its entirely, I feel I need to say a few words. When I listen to an album I've been anticipating for ages I'm always dreading that its gonna end up as a bit of a disappointment.... but not here. Instead what we have is a musical masterpiece filled with 14 exquisitely crafted, and at times, simply stunning songs! The level of care and attention to detail Konstantin puts into his music is staggering. With every listen, there's so many new subtleties to be heard that make it such a joy! I love this album! 9/10

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

A Voice In The Louvre

We Are Free

The album release party was just held in Berlin and its Europe-wide release is on the 22nd January. Let's hope for a Scottish gig or two later on in the year!

Praise already bestowed on Vexations:

"Vexation ist majest├Ątisch, *****" - Musikexpress

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