Tuesday 6 April 2010

Ten for 2010 Revisited... and K&A with Three Blind Wolves

Let's go back and see how another of my tips for 2010 are getting on. Three Blind Wolves, fronted by "Scotland's 3rd best singer-songwriter" (according to the 2008 Jock Rock poll) Ross Clark, have been busy. In February, their song "Sex Is For Losers" featured on the Haiti fundraiser album "Make The Load Lighter" released by Dromedary Records.

Last Monday saw the release of their outstanding debut mini-album "The Sound Of The Storm". It might only be 25 minutes long, but it's the best damn 25 minutes I've heard all year. Each of the 6 cracking songs offers something a bit different, and they add up to make something pretty amazing!

Ross Clark made my day/week by agreeing to answer a few questions.

Kowalskiy: Who are Three Blind Wolves?
Ross: Three Blind Wolves are.......David Cleary, Fheargas Lyon, Kevin Mackay and myself Ross Clark.

Kowalskiy: How did the band come about?
Ross: I started playing solo shows a few years ago, I always had the drive to get a band together. I met Davie and Kev through their band Rainbowsheep which I loved! I asked them to be in the band and if they knew a drummer, thats when I met Fhearg. We grew as musicians together and named the band Three Blind Wolves after a year and a bit of jamming and playing shows together. Haven't looked back.

Kowalskiy: You've just released one of my favourite albums of the year so far
in "The Sound of the Storm". What's the story behind the album?
Ross: The story behind the record? ....Its all about friendship and how the low points in life are appeased by the love and support of your friends. There are some songs about having fun too, summer nights filled with wine, smoke, food and laughter. I absolutely loved recording the record, especially with our friend and guru Marcus Mackay. It felt good to get our songs recorded the way we wanted, it opened my eyes to how much I want to record more records with larger more adventurous arrangements. We got drunk and recorded till 2am a few times, the chat got a bit wild ha. Oh! Kevin and I were talking to each other whilst sleeping apparently.

Kowalskiy: You were one of my tips for 2010. Who are you tipping, or who would you like to see do well?
Ross: Thanks for tipping us! How much will that be out of interest? We are skint! Ha. There a lot of great things coming from our label Instinctive Racoon Records, French Wives and Washington Irving have new records out and Bear Bones have theirs coming out too. I would tip John Knox Sex Club to either be praised nationwide or to be imprisoned for obscenity, their new record is fucking unbelievable.

Kowalskiy: This one's free! So, what does the future hold for Three Blind Wolves?
Ross: The future? Its all fucked! Hahahahahaha the end is nigh! We are going to tour the arse out this record and hopefully play some festivals. I really want to play T in the Park and Rockness. Those festivals are a lot of fun. We will be touring for a week in Holland at the end of May, that will no doubt be an amazing riot.

Kowalskiy: And lastly, who's the 'hopeless romantic' among you?
Ross: I'm the hopeless romantic in the band. I'm a sap! My Best Friends Wedding over Scarface any day! Ha ; )

Ross left me with a bit of a dilemma... to put up my favourite track for you to listen to. Ended up going for the stunning "Three Blind Wolves" - perhaps the best album closer you'll hear all year.

Three Blind Wolves

Three Blind Wolves will be out and about over the next few days 'touring the arse out of the album'. Here's the dates:

Upcoming Gigs
8th April - Avalanche Instore, Glasgow (5pm)
9th April - Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh (with French Wives and John Knox Sex Club)
10th April - Stereo, Glasgow (with French Wives and John Knox Sex Club)
25th April - West Of The Moon, Ayr
1st May - Live @ Leeds

and if I haven't stressed this enough, "The Sound of the Storm" is amazing! All you gotta do is click one of the links below!

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