Friday 14 May 2010

French Wives - Me vs. Me

On Monday, Glasgow's French Wives bring out their second single "Me vs. Me" following on from their acclaimed debut "Halloween". The band have already won the hearts of some other bloggers out there with Jim Aye Tunes even confessing to singing their stuff aloud on the train! I've yet to feature the band on this blog... so what's my verdict?

Well, straight from the start "Me vs. Me" sucks you in with its rousing 'Frightened Rabbit meets The Xcerts' intro before settling down into some delightfully catchy, jangly and twee (such a good word) pop with a chorus to sing-a-long to your hearts content. B-side "Hyndland Weather Bear" pays tribute to the wee teddy in the window above Peckhams on Hyndland Road which dresses each day according to the weather outside. It's a much more mellow, lilting little number and is quite simply gorgeous! You're not too late to hop on their bandwagon. I just did!

The single can be ordered here!

For anyone looking for some entertainment tonight, French Wives will be be launching the single with a gig at The Glasgow School of Art with support from Endor (my Scottish A-Z's "E") and Blue Sky. The band reflect on tonight's gig, 50 years on, in this promo video below!

Upcoming Gigs
14th May - The Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow (funnily enough)
17th May - In-store acoustic at LOVEmusic (formerly Avalanche Records), Glasgow (5pm)
23rd May - The Lock Tavern, London
12th June - Rockness, Inverness
19th June - Insider Festival, Aviemore
22nd June - West End Festival @ Brel, Glasgow
16th July - The Tunnels, Aberdeen

And if you fancy hearing more from French Wives, Peenko has yesterdays Vic Galloway session up for download over here.

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