Thursday 6 May 2010

Oscar Charlie - Hello Chrono

One of the perks of this blogging lark is the great new bands that are brought to your attention by promoters. One such band is Glasgow-based Oscar Charlie. A few years ago these guys migrated from the likes Aberdeenshire, Penrith and the Shetlands in search of a progressive music scene to call home. Having found one, they've been refining and tinkering with their sound ever since and the fruits of their labour are now starting to show. Their second single "Hello Chrono" will be released to download on the 10th May.

It's a wee bit different from the norm, and is pretty damn good. Bravo guys! Have a wee listen and let me know what you think.

Hello Chrono

The single is taken from their upcoming EP which will be released on 12" vinyl (with CD included) on the 7th of June. It also features debut single "The Do's". All four tracks can be streamed over on their Soundcloud site. You should probably go there!

1. The Do's
2. Vandals
3. Between the Stirrup & the Ground
4. Hello Chrono

"It’s priced at a meagre £5. All the pennies we save will pay for our next jaunt to Manchester to record the follow-up. Not Rubicon, Xbox games, Black Russians or Subway tickets."
Oscar Charlie (2010)

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