Saturday 12 June 2010

Futuristic Retro Champions - Define Pop Session (08/06/10)

With two cracking EPs to plug, Futuristic Retro Champions visited the Subcity Radio studio on Tuesday to perform 3 tracks for the Define Pop show. One oldie, one cover, and one live favourite were given the acoustic treatment. Here you go!

Download: Futuristic Retro Champions - Define Pop session (08/06/10)

1. Hi
2. Pulling Box Shapes
3. Talking Italian (Bananarama cover)

If you like what you hear, then they'll be playing an acoustic set at Bar Brel on Monday, with a few more gigs planned over the summer.

Upcoming Gigs
14th June - West End Festival @ Bar Brel, Glasgow
17th June - Leith Festival @ Studio128, Edinburgh
26th June - Hidden Lane Festival, Glasgow
1st July - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh
30th July - PINUP Nights Summer Festival @ The Flying Duck, Glasgow

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