Wednesday 28 July 2010

mitchell museum - The Peters Port Memorial Service

When mitchell museum released their debut single "Warning Bells" in the middle of June, I broke with tradition and declared it my first (and probably last) single-of-the-week. When your blogging is as sporadic as mine, a weekly commitment like that is not really a good idea. Earlier this month saw the release of their hotly-anticipated first album "The Peters Port Memorial Service". Now, I'm not one for this whole album-of-the-week thing but.....

The album is, as anticipated, pretty amazing! Think of it as a Glaswegian take on Death Cab for Cutie covering Wolf Parade, and you just about scratch the surface. That being said, "The Peters Port Memorial Service" easily trumps anything those two bands have released in recent years!

Three tracks immediately stand out. "Mission 1", last years cassette-single "Tiger Heartbeat" and of course, "Warning Bells". To be honest though, you'd be hard pushed to find a song which doesn't have Potential Hit written all over it. It's a thoroughly addictive wee so-and-so!

The album is available from Amazon MP3, iTunes or for the vinyl lovers out there, on 12" direct from the band here.

Upcoming Gigs
30th July - Pin Up Nights Festival @ The Flying Duck, Glasgow
11th Aug - Edge Festival @ Electric Circus, Edinburgh

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