Friday 10 September 2010

Kowalskiy Belated Review #1

Let's face it, I'm a bit of a shoddy blogger. My blog posts are pretty sporadic with no proper routine whatsoever. But, when it comes to forgetting to pop up a review I've promised, or replying to an email a fortnight later, that's when I come into my own! So I've decided to do something about this scatterbrain image I've done so well to build up. I can't promise that my unique brand of musical neglect won't resurface, after all this blogging lark is on top of a regular 9-5. What I can do is eventually get around to putting some much deserved plugs in the Kowalskiy Belated Review.

Cancel The Astronauts - Funny For A Girl EP
The first band to feature are Kowalskiy favourites Cancel The Astronauts. In my defence, I've waited ages for this release after their outstanding debut I Am The President Of Your Fanclub..... so they can wait for this plug! Besides, those pesky Edinburgers recently admitted to ignoring us too. Such a rude bunch indeed, but by jings you gotta love them. Funny For A Girl has been well worth the wait. Each track backs up their credentials as thee most fun and exciting unsigned band in the country. The opening, title track is as perfect a pop song as you can get. From the ah-haha's and ee-hehe's to the sublime guitar riff, it is an absolute cracker. In frontman Matt Riley they might well have Scotland's answer to Jarvis Cocker... albeit with better eyesight and a much, much prettier voice. Shame about the tracksuits. There'll be no woo-ing Ms. Tweedy with those!

The Douglas Firs - Haunting Through EP
The next act to feature is Abbeyhill's Neil Insh a.k.a. the douglas firs, and this release couldn't be more different to the first if it tried. Saying that though, I really like this EP too. Opening track The Quickening might well take its name from the cult film The Highlander. Kicking off with the sound of crunching leaves, a distant marching drumbeat building up before giving in to stunning Celtic strings and Neil's gentle vocals. It's stunning! The applause and cheering halfway through a song has never been more thoroughly deserved. In many ways it reminds me a lot of Get Well Soon, although more stripped back, but no less beautiful. The other three tracks on this EP are every bit as rewarding to listen to. It's been the perfect accompaniment to a fortnight's break from blogging!

Loch Awe - Artificial Life From A Digital Sea
Last but not least are the lovely Edinburgh folktet Loch Awe with their 7-song FREE debut. It's no secret I love this kind of music. Standout tracks Resign and Lullaby From A Digital Sea are quite staggering, multi-layered folk gems that won't fail to bring a smile to you face. Apparently, the watery Loch Awe is affectionately known as the 'Jewel of Argyll'. Might not be long before this folky Loch Awe are bestowed a similar honour. Best get used to the name, we'll be hearing a lot more from them I'm sure!

If you fancy having a listen and downloading any of the releases, just click the cover art!


  1. "when it comes to forgetting to pop up a review I've promised, or replying to an email a fortnight later, that's when I come into my own"
    I have to disagree, you have strong competition from me on that front!

  2. Wait till I finish off my Loch Awe review first :)