Thursday 16 September 2010

Kowalskiy's Free Monthly 5-track Scottish EP #3

It's the 16th and for a change, Kowalskiy's Free Monthly 5-track Scottish EP is on time! Once again I've teamed up with 5 of my favourite Scottish bands to bring you 5 great tracks. This month on EP #3, we have the following lovely people:

1. Over The Wall - Shifts (the opening track from their upcoming album)

"The song is the first track on our debut album 'Treacherous' which will come out on Motive Sounds in November. We wanted something really immediate to start the album, and I remember we described the beat for this as 'The Timbaland Beat' when we were working on it, it's supposed to make you want to move. Lyrically it's about escape, trying to get away and feeling like circumstances are pinning you down. There are a couple of Springsteen references in there to bring that theme out (see if you can find them!) again for kicking the album off that seemed appropriate." - Gav Prentice (Over The Wall)

2. Penguins Kill Polar Bears - Wish With Worry (track from the debut album... but not this mix)

"Wish With Worry from Penguins Kill Polar Bears will be making an appearance on their debut album due for release summer 2011. In the meantime goto for downloads and upcoming gigs." - Murray Reid (PKPB manager)

3. How To Swim - Diego Whirlwind (from their amazing upcoming album RETINA)

"The track was written for a musical we were developing about a dude out at sea in a rowboat with holes in it. The only way he can prevent the boat filling with water is to cover the holes with his hands and feet. If he falls asleep, his hands will come off the holes and the boat will sink, so he tries to stay awake long enough to be rescued. As he does this, he begins to hallucinate. Various characters appear to him - some living, some dead, some yet to be born (it's set in Spanish waters in the 1600s) - including this one guy who talks endlessly about this dude called Diego Whirlwind who he met in prison, who was the go-to guy if you wanted something smuggled inside. (This is on account of Whirlwind's past as a sword-swallower.) 'Diego Whirlwind', the song, is the tune that the other guy sings, telling the story of his friend. We might do the musical at the fringe someday, if we can get it finished. 'Genesis P and Me' is also from it - Genesis P Orridge and his wife both appear as characters." - Gregor Barclay (How To Swim)

4. Come On Gang! - Fortune Favours The Brave (Wolfjazz remix) (exclusive remix of their recent single)

"This is the second of our songs remixed by Edinburgh DJ and good friend Wolfjazz. We've always loved playing at his club night Trade Union and, as a thank you, he remixed our tune Spinning Room last summer - so when we got the album masters back, we immediately sent them to the wolf to see what he could come up with. Quirky, stuttered and superb live, hope you enjoy the remix" - Mikey Morrison (Come On Gang!)

5. Shambles Miller - Questions and Chancers (a wee demo he managed to track down)

"Most of my songs are very personal; I don't tend to write about things I haven't experienced or things I don't feel. This doesn't always mean they have to be about heartbreak, love and politics, however. Depending on your point of view, I guess this song could be about how I'm a bit of a square, but if that's what I am then it's something I embrace." - Campbell (Shambles) Miller

Thanks to everyone for contributing their cracking song. I can't thank you enough! If you like the sound of it, the EP is now up for free download over on my bandcamp page along with EP's #1 and #2, and the special Foxgang Festival EP. Enjoy!

You'll be pleased to know that EP #4 is already under way. No spoilers though! Once again, any bands out there with a mouthwatering exclusive or rarity and fancy appearing on one of these EPs, then feel free to send me a wee email.

You can hear 40% of these bands at Stereo on 1st for the launch of How To Swim's album. The other band on the bill that night are those Over The Wall boys!

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