Wednesday 8 September 2010

Miniature Dinosaurs - Cold Shoulder

Now this is something worth blogging about again for! Back in April, Miniature Dinosaurs revealed all for one of my K&A sessions, and plugged their debut Chatterbox EP (available from iTunes for a mere £3.16). Five months on, and Stirling's finest are preparing to unleash their devastatingly-infectious new single Cold Shoulder on the unsuspecting public.

Now, I'd struggle to do many things in the space of 201 seconds but in that time, these 4 Stirlingians have pulled out all the stops and made one of the best singles of the year. Think, the wit and delivery of Pulp but with all the fun and sheer joy that comes with listening to those folk from the mitchell museum. Have a listen for yourself. Get your smiles at the ready!

Cold Shoulder

Now, if you're thinking that the bassline sound vaguely familiar, then here's frontman Barry to explain all...

Kowalskiy: So tell us the story behind Cold Shoulder.
Barry: Before Miniature Dinosaurs came together, Alban (Bass Guitar) and I used to travel about Stirling hitting as many open mics as we possibly could. I remember once we played four in one night, which required some serious night time driving. Covering as much open-mic-ground as we did, we felt people would quickly get bored of original material, and so we started slipping in a few cover versions. One of the more popular ones was always Toxic by Britney Spears in which Alban had an absolute smasher of a bass line. Cold Shoulder was then written, especially, to cater for this four string masterpiece. These days it's burried under a mix of guitars, vocals and synths, but if you put your ear up to a set of Bang & Olufsen subwoovers, for example, you can pick it out.

Kowalskiy: Intoxicate me now, with your lovin' now... Er, so what does the future hold in store for Miniature Dinosaurs?
Barry: Cold Shoulder is part of a series of recordings we've been doing with the same producer as Chatterbox. The track was miles ahead of the rest in terms of production, so we thought we'd put it out there to get some excitement going. The rest will catch up over time and we're aiming to bring out a bigger release at the start of next year. We're touring Scotland at the moment, having just came up from England, and we've got something much bigger planned on that front for February. It's all go on the live and recording front right now, and we're loving it. Additionally, we're also going to be part of an MTV feature, but I'll leave it at that..!

Cold Shoulder is out to download on the 11th October. Be sure to mark your calendars! In the meantime, those mini dinos will be on tour from Friday.

Upcoming Gigs
10th Sept - @Bar, Montrose
11th Sept - McQ's, Stirling (supporting The Ray Summers)
12th Sept - Tunnels, Aberdeen (supporting Angry Vs. The Bear)
14th Sept - King Tuts, Glasgow (supporting Florrie)
16th Sept - QMU, Glasgow (supporting Twin Atlantic)
*Glasgow Uni students only
17th Sept - Doghouse, Dundee
24th Sept - Riot Anyone? Festival @ Maggie's Chamber, Edinburgh
25th Sept - Mad Ferret Fest @ The Loft, Forres
2nd Oct - Reloaded Fest @ Tollbooth, Stirling
6th Nov - Mad Hatters, Inverness

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