Wednesday 6 October 2010

Be A Familiar - To The Lighthouse

I first came across Glasgow 7-piece Be A Familiar a few years ago on a T Break sampler CD along with Kowalskiy favourites Broken Records and The Little Kicks. While those two bands have since released amazing debut albums, Be A Familiar have been busy working on theirs. On Monday, the fruits of their labour, To The Lighthouse, finally hit the shelves.

First thing's first, with only 7 tracks and coming in at just under 28 minutes long, To The Lighthouse is up there with the shortest albums of the year. That's no bad thing mind you. From the first listen, it's clear there's not a single minute of filler on it.

It all kicks off with Had Your Fill, with its power-pop guitars, twinkling piano and boy-girl vocals. Throw in the those trumpets and what you have is a beautifully crafted pop song, and the perfect start to a brilliant album! What follows is pretty relentless - potential hit after potential hit. Personally though, you'd find it hard to top All Kinds Of Nervous and previous single You'd Make A Great Ghost. Go listen!

Be A Familiar have delivered a great debut which goes to show that good things must come in 7s these days.

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