Saturday 16 October 2010

Kowalskiy's Free Monthly 5-track Scottish EP #4

It's the 16th once again. How time flies! Kowalskiy's Free Monthly 5-track Scottish EP #4 is out now, so without much further ado, its over to the beautiful people who were kind enough to contribute one of their cracking tracks....

1. The Seventeenth Century - Mid October (demo) (given when this EP is being released, it really couldn't have been any other track!)

"Mid October was one of the first songs we wrote together as The Seventeenth Century. It is about dreams of love, and love itself, set in a decaying autumn scene. Mid October will appear on the band`s second EP, released March 2011. The debut EP, `The Seventeenth Century (Part I)` will be released December 2010 on Electra French Records." - Ryan Joseph Burns (The Seventeenth Century)

2. RM Hubbert - Go Slowly (demo) (demo track from his upcoming album)

"The piece forms the basis of a planned collaboration with Jenny Reeve and Kimberley Moore for my next record and as such doesn't really have much meaning to it yet. The title refers to a great wee cafe in Glasgow called Go Slow Cafe where I did a really memorable, intimate show with Alasdair Roberts and Howie Reeve a while back. It doesn't get much better than playing music for and with your friends in lovely surroundings." - RM 'Hubby' Hubbert

3. Randolph's Leap - Crisps (also available on with a selection of other goodies)

"Crisps has a video: It's the number 2 result if you search Youtube for Randolph's Leap. (Dispicably, the number 1 is a clip of some nobhead jumping off a cliff AND it's only had about half the number of views. Bloody outrage.) The song is about crisps. And love. And lovely crisps. But never crispy love. We're releasing our first proper EP 'Battleships & Kettle Chips' on November 15th via Olive Grove Records and we're having a free launch gig on Nov 18th to celebrate" - Adam Ross (Randolph's Leap)

4. The Ray Summers - Heshka Rashka (their cracking, recent single)

"'Heshka Rashka' was digitally released in August 2010. This is the single version and is very different from the one that appears on the album. It's our effort to write a pure pop track. Nothing more, nothing less! it's probably the last time we'll write something so poppy. It's a track that always pops up in our live set and it's a great one to mess about on. It's never the same twice!" Andrew 'Dougie' Douglas (The Ray Summers)

5. Zoobizaretta - Ridiculous (pre-album mix. The final version appears on their debut Foam & Leachate)

"Ridiculous is a song about atheism. It's not about a dislike for religious types, merely an inability to understand the concept of faith. that God, eh? What a c**t." - Matt Clark (Zoobizaretta)

Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed. If you like the sound of it, the EP is now up for free download over on my bandcamp page along with the first 3 EP's and the special Foxgang Festival EP. Enjoy!

Now to get cracking on EP #5. Once again, any bands out there with a mouthwatering exclusive or rarity and fancy appearing on one of these EPs, then feel free to send me a wee email.

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