Thursday 11 November 2010

Sonny Marvello - Pull Me Up

Until recently, Castlemilk's Sonny Marvello was just a name I'd seen a few times in the signature of emails from Murray over at the great Everything Flows management. Yet another band I'd convinced myself I'd get around to listening to at some point soon!  Well, with their debut Pull Me Up EP set to be launched tonight at Stereo in Glasgow, I did just that.

Before that though, I had a wee glance through the press release to get a feel for what to expect.  When I came to listen to the EP, all those preconceptions went out the window as my own warped mind came up with its own interpretation.  So, let this post serve as my review of Sonny Marvello's Pull Me Up EP and as an insight into what goes on in my head when I listen to new music.  Let me just first say, that I really like this EP and the following, whether they come across that way or not, are all meant as complementary comparisons.  Here goes...

Whilst listening to the "2 minutes and 36 seconds of pure guitar pop" that is the brilliant title track, all I found myself thinking was.... ALPHABEAT!  This isn't a bad thing, far from it in fact.  With Pull Me Up, Sonny Marvello (like those Danes with that '10,000 Nights' number) have delivered an amazing pop song that will bring a big, stupid grin to even the dourest of faces.  Next up is Made of Magic, "a love song with an epic refrain" worthy of The Beach Boys and in places, The Flaming Lips too.   The press release was spot on when it said this song would "stay in your head for days afterwards".  That is, if the next song isn't already lodged in there!  The punchy My Lover apparently "recalls Modern Life is Rubbish era Blur".  Personally though, when I hear it I can't help imagining The Music taking on the cult '80s classic One Night In Bangkok.  Again, as strange as that may sound, that's a very good thing indeed!  Last but by no means least, is the standout track.  A 'marvellous' reworking of their previous 7" release, We're All Cruel.  I'll spare you my thoughts and leave you to make your own mind up on this one...

mp3:  Sonny Marvello - We're All Cruel
(left click!)

The Pull Me Up EP is available now on CD and digital download from Sonny Marvello's bandcamp and I dare say you'll also be able to bag yourself a copy tonight at the launch gig in Stereo.

Upcoming Gigs
11th Nov - Stereo, Glasgow (with The Cinnamons, Dirty Demographic and Galleries)
19th Nov - Cape, Stirling
11th Dec - Tilted Wig, Aberdeen

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