Monday 20 December 2010

2010's Top 10 Albums: #4 - Meursault

Narrowly missing out on a place in my top 3 is Edinburgh's Meursault with All Creatures Will Make Merry, the outstanding follow-up to their cult debut.  Back in May, I said a few brief words about the album and predicted it'd feature in many an end-of-year best-of list.  Well, last week it was awarded a deserved 3rd place in the second ever Scottish Bloggers and Music Sites awards... told ye!  Here's two reasons why...

One Day This'll All Be Fields
New Ruin

So what does 2011 hold in store for the band?  Chris has left, the guys have added a new bass player and are on the lookout for a full-time drummer.   With that in mind, and from the new songs that crept into their live show towards the end of the year, 2011 could see a new side to Meursault.  Watch this space, and in the meantime, get your hands on the album here from Song, By Toad Records!


  1. Cheers old chap. God only knows what the new album is going to be like (and I say this as their bloody record label).

  2. No worries Matthew. The new songs at Stereo sounded a bit 'rockier'. Sounded great though. Looking forward to Neil's solo album too!