Wednesday 26 January 2011

The Exception To The Rule #4 - Wheels On Fire

Time to get cracking with the first Exceptions of 2011.  So far in this series of posts, I've extended my search for the best up-and-coming bands to Israel, Sweden, and even as far as London to tell you all about a certain Italian guy.  The fourth in this series of posts is gonna bring you not one, but two, that's right, two acts from our friends across the pond (Actually, I took so long with the second post, that you will in fact only have one!).  The reason being, the good ol' U.S. of A is a pretty hefty size.  That and, I really couldn't decide between the two bands.  First up is a few words about Athens, Ohio's garage-rockers Wheels On Fire and last years mighty-fine Cherry Bomb EP

As is most often the case, it's taken me a while to sit down and listen to the EP.  Whereas some EPs and albums need played over and over again to appreciate, the Cherry Bomb EP sucks you in right from the off.  Opening track Black Wave is a punchy, garage-pop gem with more hooks than a disabled pirates convention, and a subtle, but very effective synth backing.  Next up is the brilliant Beach Boys-esque Broken Up with its contrasting, deep, strained vocals and a guitar solo that Chuck Berry would be proud of.  Cherry Bomb itself has a wee bit of T-Rex's glam in there while still staying true to their garage billing.  Last up, Go Give Yer Love Away, the 'stripped-back' one on the EP with jangling guitars, tambourines and handclaps, highlights the real sense of enjoyment and fun which shines through from the start to the end of this cracking wee EP!

Black Wave

You can get your hands on it from Amazon MP3, iTunes and over at Kind Turkey Records.

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