Wednesday 2 February 2011

Kowalskiy Singles Club #1

You may have noticed that I've never really featured singles or one-off tracks on Kowalskiy... I guess I prefer to review and plug EPs and albums, though I barely find time to do that.  This year though, as a mini-resolution, I've decided to try and give the singles out there the love and attention they so desperately desire.  Already this year, and at the tail-end of 2010, there's been some cracking examples released that deserve a wee bit of your time.  Whatever your musical tastes, I think I've found a track just for you.  One you'll wanna take home with you.  So, without much further ado, welcome to the first gathering of the Kowalskiy Singles Club.  Here's the first batch of singles looking to win a place in your hearts (and mp3 players) this month.  If you like the look of them, and what they have to say for themselves, then click on the cover art and get "downloading"...

The Son(s) - Radar
Radar by The Son(s)
"Film lover, GSOH, GCH, DG. Broad minded & compassionate, loyal & strong-willed Northern lass seeks partner in crime for lots of laughs. Responses to PO BOX Kowalskiy Singles Club." - A Son
Turns out someone in The Son(s) is up on his lonely hearts lingo!  Radar came out on Jan 17th on Eli and Oz Records with their self-titled debut set for a March release through Olive Grove Records.

Dear Mountaineer - The Hare Versus The BearThe Hare Versus The Bear by Dear Mountaineer
"Age: Two months
Occupation: Digital music track
Area: Glasgow
Looking for: Friends for a long-term relationship
In his/her own words: "Mixed gender indie pop with eight arms seeks like minded male and females for twee orgies in sweaty basement venues.“
- Jonathan McGourlay (Dear Mountaineer)
The single will be released this month over on their bandcamp. It's worth saying, that in Digital-music-track-years, two months is perfectly legal for twee orgies.

Fiction Faction - Apparitions
Apparitions by Fiction Faction
"Ghostly tale looking for indie/electronic loving listener" - Dave Richards (Fiction Faction)
Fiction Faction's debut single Apparitions, codename (17SEC25) is released on 17 Seconds Records on 31th Jan with a Nevada Base remix of A Fair Escape as B-side. Until then, you can hear it over on their SoundCloud.

Rose Parade - The Radio Plays For Me
The Radio Plays For Me by Rose Parade
"I am very easy to pick up! Listen to me and spread the word... like I spread my STDs" - Rose Parade
Soooo, I guess you could say it's very catchy in a few senses of the word!  If that kinda thing appeals to you, and to be honest, a track this good should, then the single can be streamed over on SoundCloud and is the opening track to their Grace EP.  

Braindead Collective + Rob St. John - The Whites Of Our Eyes
The Whites Of Our Eyes by Braindead Collective feat. Rob St. John
"The Whites Of Our Eyes is an atmospheric, plain chant multi guitar drone hymnal recorded in the oldest church in Oxford on the coldest day of the year, with mics and amps strewn strategically throughout the pews. We've poured our love and our time into trying to make something worth hearing and every penny goes to homeless charity Shelter. Give it a listen, and if you like it throw a few digital coins in our software begging bowl." - Seb Reynolds (Braindead Collective)
Released on 13th Dec, all proceeds from this great 7-minute collaboration go to a very worthy cause.  Can't recommend highly enough that you give this charitable wee soul a home.

Arran Arctic - All That I Can Do
All That I Can Do - Arran Arctic
"Lonely local discothèque moper seeks object to admire from afar.  Enjoys jangly guitar pop (The Smiths) and shimmering pop noisescapes (Asobi Seksu). For 5 minutes and 14 seconds of free aural pleasure, contact via Warning, hearts may be bruised." - Arran Southall (Arran Arctic)
Tugs at the heartstrings doesn't it?  This is the third free single from Arran's upcoming album In My Hands, set for release at the end of the month.