Monday 21 March 2011

Miniature Dinosaurs - Off The Radio

Already, 2011 has been a fantastic year for Scottish music, and now that Off The Radio, the new EP from Stirling's Miniature Dinosaurs has been released, it's only gone and gotten even better.  Much like their debut Chatterbox EP (available on CD or download), their latest release is packed full of the kind of indie-pop songs and singalong choruses that most bands would give their left nut for!  Take opening track Fight or Flight as an example.  It's synthy opening and woo-ooh-ooh-ooh's suck you in from the off and continue to pop up throughout this cracking song.  On top of that, there's sharp hooks and their unorthodox harmonies, all building up to a climax which will have you yelping "FIGHT OR FLIGHT" along to it.  

Previous single Cold Shoulder is next, and it follows the same fantastic formula as before, this time with one or two nods to Britpop legends Pulp with it's immaculate timing and Mini Dino Barry's vocal delivery.  It's a belter, and without question, one of my favourite songs from last yearLightspeed isn't too shabby either, but it's the outstanding, anthemic final track Alligator, which begs the question... why are these guys still unsigned?  The perfect 3-minute pop song, and a devastatingly brilliant one at that!

Their exciting brand of indie-pop has already brought them to the attention of the MTV music pickers for last years Being Victor.  Am I the only one thinking they'd sound perfect on The Inbetweeners??  Besides, one of them kinda looks a bit like Neil...

Get Off The Radio on CD from the band here, or over on iTunes... or pick one up at one of their upcoming gigs.

Upcoming Gigs
22nd Mar - The Laugh Inn, Chester
2nd Apr - Maggie's Chambers, Edinburgh
9th Apr - King Tuts, Glasgow

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