Wednesday, 28 March 2012

K&A with Day of Days

I've dropped the ball a bit recently with this interviewing lark.  So we're long overdue another one, and who better to pose a few probing questions to than the band that have dominated my listening over the last few weeks... Crieff foursome Day of Days.   I'm ashamed to say their debut album Indecency Of The Few completely passed me by last year.  As great as I now know that to be, it's their upcoming release, Chances Of Life EP, out on the 30th April via ZineRecords, which has completely blown me away.   It reminds me a lot of Iceland's Leaves (anyone??) and to a greater extent, Placebo, particularly frontman Paul Petrie's vocals on Three... which you can hear halfway through their interview.   But to be fair, it's head and shoulders above anything they've released in recent years.  Being a huge fan of both bands, that's high praise indeed!

I asked Paul and guitarist Gordon Speedie a few questions.  Here's what they had to say about their new release, their plans to tour it, and why Runrig are a right, royal, pain in their arse!

Kowalskiy: Who are Day of Days?
Paul: Four friends since school who have the desire to create music and have fun. All at the same time too! We wouldn't do it if it wasn't enjoyable.
Gordon: Aye thats about right.

Kowalskiy: For folk out there who haven't heard your music (yet!) what/who'd you say your main influences were?
Paul: This is something that differs greatly between band members. For me bands such as Radiohead, Sigur Rós, Joy Division and The Strokes. You know genre defining bands! Most of my writing comes from life experience.
Gordon: I think its changed, we are different now than what we were and influence has a large part in that, we usually get compared sonically to Radiohead and Placebo so its no coincidence that we also like them but I would say the music that is written is from your own life experience, your own thought process and expression, you can only hope and then try to bring them together and create something good together.

Kowalskiy: How's it feel to be labelled as Crieff's soon-to-be "most famous export since Hollywood hunk Ewan McGregor"?
Paul: It's very flattering but quite a prediction from the Sun columnist. If we become what he says then he can pick some lottery numbers for me any time.
Gordon: I don't like this label at all to be honest, he is an actor, we are musicians, I'm not sure if its a compliment to us or has he just thought of who is famous from our home town and said that, anyway, I'm sure he meant no harm.

Kowalskiy: Back to the music now, you're about to release your EP in April called Chances Of Life.  Fancy telling us all about it?
Paul: From my pov it's all about life and death and the emotions both cause. New life, especially, is so unlikely that when it does happen it is truly amazing! Ultimately though everyone dies and for some this is much more difficult to understand.
Gordon: I took a different approach personally to this record, I decided really to concentrate more on my own parts, I sat back a little more and let the songs develop to a certain point to which then I added what I thought would work, which in turn of course developed the song.

Kowalskiy: How does it compare to last years debut album Indecency of the Few?
Paul: It's so much more stripped back. We think too many bands hide behind 5 or 6 guitars and a plethora of production in an attempt to make the melodies bigger. Ultimately good music speaks for itself without bells and whistles. Hopefully we have achieved that. Not saying we hid behind anything on the debut album, it's just we thought that's what was expected so we done it.
Gordon: Its a different mindset and I think it can be heard by listening to the two. On writing your first album I think its easier to fall into cliches, when the second recording comes around I find its more true to the people who write it.

Kowalskiy: What's the plans to get out and promote the EP? Can we expect some sort of a tour perhaps?
Paul: Scottish tour starts end of April through to June. EP launch is at ABC2, Glasgow on 28th April. See you there?
Gordon: Aye, see you there.

Kowalskiy: What'd be your ideal gig?
Paul: Radiohead support for the here and now. A tour ideally.  If I could time travel I would go back with the band and play with Joy Division. Bliss.
Gordon: I like the thought of a massive tour, your kind of nowhere then, you don't need to be decisive, you can just go day by day and not have any anxiety about your long term plan, you're not settled but that can be good for a while I think.   I'm sure it brings its own pressure but I would love to try it, meeting people, experiencing different cultures etc.

Kowalskiy: What has been your highlight of being in the band so far... your 'day of days' if you like!?
Paul: See what you did there! There has been lots but the obvious big moments for me have been our debut album release and playing Big in Falkirk main stage just before 10cc.
Gordon: Big in Falkirk was a special gig, it came with an amazing high and a feeling of euphoria that confirmed that that is what you want to do full time, it also came with a low feeling of even a gig of that size was nowhere near big enough for your own desire. We played a gig in Devon, it was epic, it comes close or maybe even beats big in Falkirk.   Actually I was really thrilled at finally playing one of our more tougher tracks from our album at ABC2 in Glasgow, with the strobe full on, just like how I imagined it should be, a vision come true for me.

Kowalskiy: What's the future hold for Day of Days?
Paul: Haha, let me go get my crystal ball. Okay, it says try again later. Not sure what to make of that.
Gordon: I don't know.

Kowalskiy: Last one, so lets make it a bit topical... as good Perthshire boys, what do you make of your new city?
Paul: So glad the queen could grant Perth city status. The atmosphere has changed massively in town. People can now walk about with their heads held high. In a word, Thrilled! Thanks for the interview, great questions.
Gordon: I actually thought it was but I think i kind of knew it was unofficial, it should be a city I think, I don't know about the atmosphere there but if Paul say's its buzzing then it might just be.

Kowalskiy:  OK, one more.  Is the band name got anything to do with the Runrig song?
Gordon:  No that is purely coincidence and does not help us when people put in a Google search for Day of Days they usually get around three pages of Runrig.

Cheers guys!  So, all that's left to be said is remember to mark the 30th April in your diaries.  For that's when Chances Of Life is out... two days after their launch gig at the ABC2 in Glasgow.   If you can't wait that long, there's a few more EP tracks streaming on their SoundCloud.  Enjoy!


Sunday, 25 March 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v4.0

Time for notcast numero four now. Next week I'll stop with the counting. In fact, I won't be here next week. You'll not be denied a notcast though, you'll just be in the very capable, probably moreso, hands of another of Scottish music's most mysterious chaps. Not that I'll be revealing who it is. Just have to come back here next week to find out. Anyhoo, onto the tracks which have been tickling my fancy on SoundCloud this week.

Starting off of course with a grovelling apology to a band I've been neglecting recently.  One of the most memorable albums I was sent last year was the undeniably creepy and downright brilliant debut by Young Hunting.   I said as much over here.  Well, this Edinburgh bunch released the follow-up some time ago.  It's much the same impressiveness-wise.  There's no streams online (not on their site anyway) but here's the sinister Forebode from their debut album Attachment In A Child And The Subsequent Condition.

Nothing like starting off with a cheery one eh?!  Anyway their follow-up EP is called The Night of the Burning and you can get your hands on it over here.  Shall we have an upbeat one now?  Lets do that!  Remember Johnny Reb?  I do.  They released The Portugal Years, songs recorded in Portugal (funnily enough) by Morrissey guitarist Boz Boorer,  last year.  Yeah?  Well, they have sadly split!  However, out of the ashes of many a great band springs another.  So here's the phoenix-like Father Sculptor for you.

Next up is a blast from the not-so-distant past.  Before Christmas, Wiredrawn released his fantastic Loose Lips Sink Ships EP which is still in my car.  So let's continue with the opening track from said EP which you can of course download for free over here.

That guitar!  Ooft!  Like I said, it's pretty fantastic.   OK, moving on.  We'll just have 5 songs this week since the last is a weighty beast.  This weeks penultimate track comes courtesy of one of the finest singer/songwriters in the land... Will Hanson.   He released his latest album Moving A Body last year.  'Twas one of the years finest if you ask me!  Here's one of the many standout tracks from it.

Last one now and as I said before, it's a biggy!  White Heath have been incredibly quiet of late.  In fact, it's been bloody ages since their last single GG came out.   Well, somewhat out of the blue, they're back with their latest offering, In A Glasshouse.  It isn't just a single though.  They've teamed up with some of their artistic friends to bring you a brilliant, interactive website to accompany it.   Here it is.  Be sure to download it free here.

Remember, next week's notcast will be brought to you by a very special guest. See you then!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v3.0

Onto my third notcast now and I must say, I love putting them together. There's far too much great music on SoundCloud not to. So, if you enjoy listening/reading half as much as I have making it, then I'd be pretty chuffed! For anyone still wondering what this is all about... basically, I'm not a huge fan of podcasts. That's it in a nutshell really. So here's my minorly-tweaked alternative. Anyhoo, enough of this prattle, let's get cracking!

As always, I'll start off with the KAK... Kowalskiy's Apology Korner to me and you, where I get on my hands and knees and say sorry to a band I've shamefully neglected in recent weeks. This week, it's Glasgow D.I.Y.-pop-multiplets The Plimptons who are about to release their latest album ...Are Cynical And Bloated. "Is it any good?" you say. Why yes, yes it is. And to prove my point, here's the titular track which is rather unsurprisingly also called Cynical and Bloated.

And you can of course buy said latest album from here... when it comes out on the 31st obviously. From one band with an album due soon to another (that's as smooth a link as you're likely to get around here). Well, there's demos being uploaded at various stages of readiness anyway. The band is the lovely Dirty Keys. There's something of a piano-pop revival going on these days which I have to say I'm loving! Sadly Keane, that doesn't mean you should hit the studios. This is more what I'm talking about...

No doubt we'll be hearing a lot more from them later on in the year, just like those responsible for track three of this week's notcast... Behold, the Old Bear. Formed by Raindeer from the ashes of the sadly-defunct-now-not-sadly-returned mitchell museum, this is a new demo that surfaced a few weeks ago. If mm hadn't returned, BtOB would have certainly softened the blow and helped fill the odd-pop void. As it stands though, we now have both of them. This makes me happy. Very happy indeed!

At the start of the year, I may have mentioned that one of my most anticipated releases this year is the debut album by Laurence & the Slab Boys. Well, I say "most anticipated"... I actually have the album, so I'm talking shite. What I guess I mean is, I can't wait for it to come out so you can all have a listen, and agree with me that it is really rather phenomenal! The album's called Lo-fi Disgrace. I've no idea when it'll be out, where, what format, or who by, but mark my words... it'll be worth the wait.

Two more to go then it's football time! It's been a wee while since I raved about Ayrshire's Rose Parade on here, so here we go. A week-or-so ago they uploaded a new track from their upcoming debut album. Should be great! Anyway, it's called The Sea Of Lights and here it be.

OK, last one now. For it, I've even dared to venture south of the border. Albeit to hear from another Scot.  He's called Chris McConville  He's the drummer in a band down in London but he has a debut solo album due out later on in the year.  Until then he's leaked a few songs from it.  This is the pick of the bunch.  Hope you enjoy it.  See you next week!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Kowalskiy's Free Monthly 5-track Scottish EP #21

Click to enlarge!
Guess who found a free comic-making app on his laptop?!  So this month, as well as giving us all a beezer of a free track, five of the country's most talented bands have contributed to what may well be the last ever Kowalskiy comic strip.  I think it's rather dandy!  OK, so who do we have on this month's EP?  Well...

1.  Behold, the Old Bear - Solsbury Hill (Remember a while back, pre-demise of mitchell museum, Raindeer started releasing covers?  Well, here he is, post-rebirth, releasing another.)

"Solsbury Hill is probably one of my favorite songs. I remember loving it even before knowing who was responsible for it. From the back of my dads car in them good old days when I was still small enough to be carried to bed after falling asleep on a long car journey. I recorded this cover of it a while ago intending to be part of a thing we were doing on the Mitchell Museum website called " Raindeer's Covers Corner" . It was supposed to have a video to accompany it. We went as far as the filming process, which had me running up Garnet Hill just off Sauchiehall Street for roughly an hour and a half. It was very tiring work. In the end Kris, my then flatmate and MM band buddy wasn't able to get the edit to work, so it was scrapped. So in retaliation I broke his acoustic guitar. True story. At least now it will be heard." - Raindeer (Behold, the Old Bear)

2.  Blue Sky Archives - Cosplay The Hard Way (Been itching to get this lot involved for a while.  Here's a track from their current, and brilliant, EP.)

"The first release from Blue Sky Archives third (and latest) EP, 'Triple A-Side'; Cosplay The Hard Way explores the sexual politics of a failing relationship, within a lush tapestry of interweaving melodies. Soft guitars, rich piano and sinister strings subtly punctuate a gradual rhythmic build toward a powerful emotive crescendo. Cosplay The Hard Way, and the band's Triple A-Side EP is available for download from The Blue Sky Archives Band Camp page..." - Paul Mark McGrath (Blue Sky Archives)

3.  This Silent Forest - Lovers Come Home (Here's one of their upcoming EP tracks which came out of their A Song A Day (for 30 Days) challenge last year.  Can't wait for the EP to hear what else made the cut!)

"Enjoy our track "Lovers Come Home" which was part of our Song A Day Challenge last year and is meant to be about World War 1. We liked it so much we put that and three others on a EP, which is due to be released soon along with our new single Milk and another EP called "The Lighter Side". We will also be releasing videos soon for all tracks, eight in total. To coincide with these tracks we are on Tour (used very lightly) around Scotland with our headline show in The Captains Rest on the 24th March." - Graeme "Squirrel" Macdonald (This Silent Forest)

4.  The Sea Kings - The Nitrate In My Blood (acoustic) (Can't stop listening to their Some Dark Matters EP!  Here's an acoustic, folky take on one of the tracks.)

"I think each of us at one time or another were in some kind of alt-country band so it was always in our nature to revert back to something a bit more folky. The songs are all written on acoustic guitar and so tend to hark from that world to begin with anyway. We're always keen to figure out as many versions of the songs as possible and love playing acoustic gigs. For some reason they're less pressure. So here's an alternate version of The Nitrate In My Blood from our debut EP Some Dark Matters." - Brian Canning (The Sea Kings)

5.  The Spook School - That's When I Ran Away (demo) (Their two double A-sides so far have been fairly outstanding, so I'm chuffed to bits to have a brand-spanking new demo for your listening pleasure!)

"Here's another song we've recorded in Adam's bedroom. We'll get back into a studio at some point. Until then you've got this. It's about FEAR - hope it doesn't scare you!" - Naomi Todd (The Spook School)

A huge thank you to all five bands and one band manager (you know who you are big guy!) for contributing this month.  You can, as ever, get the EP over on my Bandcamp page where you'll also find the previous twenty if you're fancying a new music splurge this weekend.   Hope you enjoy it!

I'm looking to build up a wee stockpile of tracks for future EPs.  So if you've got something hidden away on an old hard drive which needs a good home, or an upcoming release you're wanting to plug, maybe you want to go and record a wee acoustic version especially for me (don't say "no" now, mull it over!), then send me an email ( and we'll go from there.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

...The Dirty Demographic!

We may well be in the presence of greatness here, and I'm not just talking about the dress sense... dickie-bows are back in apparently.  I am of course speaking in a more musically-minded sense.  It'd be fair to say there's no other band around these parts quite like Glasgow four-piece The Dirty Demographic.  Lead-singer Angus Munro (him what has the dickie-bow) will fill you in on each of the band's multi-musical-facets below, but what he won't say is just how jaw-droppingly fantastic each of them are, their vocal gymnastics and his own super-smooth vocals especially.  Their debut EP is out now, so have a wee listen to Lucky (The Matchmaking Wonderdog) and see what they have to say for themselves.

Kowalskiy:  Who are The Dirty Demographic?
Angus:  We are a Piano-Indie Pop band based in Glasgow.

Kowalskiy:  How would you describe 'your sound'?
Angus:  We write highly-addictive & catchy songs that'll stick in your head like toffee on teeth. Three-part vocal gymnastics, Moog solos, Fuzzy Bass riffs & Snappy drum beats all topped off with an elbow drop or two on the piano.

Kowalskiy:  PLUG AWAY!!!
Kowalskiy:  You forgot your debut EP on iTunes!  So, what else can we expect from The Dirty Demographic in the future?
Angus:  We have an album ready to record so we'll release some singles prior to that. We have a few launch party ideas which sound like a lot fun so we are very much looking forward to setting them up. We'll be branching out from Glasgow & Edinburgh this year also so expect to see us play some out of the way gigs real soon.
So there we go!  All that's left for me to say is get your hands on a copy of their EP... from here, and to remind you again that they'll be playing King Tuts two weeks tomorrow.  Cheap ticket details above.  It'll be worth it for the elbow drops alone!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v2.0

Such was the euphoria which accompanied my first notcast (which boils down to a comment from a Dutchman, several retweets and Mr Son(s) saying some very nice words),  I thought I'd make it something of a feature on Kowalskiy.  Maybe once a week.  I might even go as far as putting it up on the same day each week.  Sunday good for you?  Great, let's make it Sunday then.  Sorted!

For those who missed v1.0 and are thinking "what the f**k is this all about?", here at Kowalskiy the "P" word isn't used.  We don't like the "P" word.   I don't wanna sit listening to someone babble on about what tracks they like with the odd bit of banter thrown in.  You're not John Peel or... eh... who's a popular radio DJ these days... ah yeah!  You're not Fearne Cotton.  No Sir-ee!  And if I do like one of the tracks, I sure as hell want a link to click there and then to go buy it.   Granted, this is kinda like all that albeit with ignorable banter and physical links.

So shall we get on with v2.0 then?  As with the first one of these, I'd like to kick things off with what I'll call 'Kowalskiy's Apology Korner' or KAK for short.  Though this track is far from  it!  Things have been hectic of late so I wasn't able to give this album the attention it deserves... 'til now.  Well, that's if this can be classed as 'deserved attention'.  Either way, the ultra-lo-fi debut from Randolph's Leap entitled The Curse of the Haunted Headphones is great.  Go get it here.  But first, here's a wee taster.

Last week on SoundCloud saw the triumphant reawakening of mitchell museum with a new demo called Glasshouse from their second album.  As they never made this EMBEDDABLE(!!!), you'll just have to go over here to have a listen.  In the meantime, here's their "last song" which went up all of 7 months ago.  Last song, eh guys?!  Attention seeking b*****ds!

Welcome back guys!  OK, so who's next?  Well, we have one of Stirling's finest, Brazil Exists.  Their Hermit EP had, until now, slipped under my radar, but it is bloody good!  I'll let you make your own mind up though.  The timing may be suspect, but here's Happy New Year to help you do just that.

Those last two are FREE to download by the way.  Now... to someone who's about to release his first EP under a new moniker.  Rainbow Fisher's debut By The Sea EP is out on the 18th of March, a couple of days after he, or maybe even they (I should do some digging), launch it at The 13th Note with Kowalskiy-favourites Adopted As Holograph and Little Fire.  This is the folky standout Benone.

On the 18th, look yonder!  How many's that?  Geez, four already!  OK, two more then I'm offski.  The penultimate track is one I've been listening to for what seems like an age.  About this time last year, Glasgow's Partwindpartwolf leaked four demos onto their SoundCloud and got this blogger a bit too excited.  They've recently been snapped up by new Glasgow label Comets And Cartwheels so hopefully we'll be getting some sort of release soon.  Until then, one track remains online, the sublime Deep South.

"How do you top that?" I hear you cry.  Well, you can't really.  But I'll end things off this week with something every bit as mind-blowingly-amazing.  If you're a regular around these parts, you'll know my love for this band knows no bounds.  They're releasing their third single on the 19th of this month and then they'll be taking their stunning brand of dark cello pop around the country with Where We Lay Our Heads.  They are Letters.  They are brilliant.  And this is The Halfway House.  See you next week folks.  Enjoy!

Friday, 9 March 2012

The Machine Room - Love From A Distance

Even with well over a month's notice, here I am, only managing to pop a review up the week of its release... and the end of the week at that!  So it seems that once again, my reviewing cogs have been frantically turning.  Unfortunately, they've not been attached to anything!  But, as one machine room (Yes, this is the path I'm going down for my introduction) has slowed to a crawl, another more-musically-minded one has been sufficiently greased and keeps churning out track-after-track of faultless music.  If you're a regular reader, you'll know that out-and-out reviews are a bit of a rarity on Kowalskiy (and the way this one's been going it may well be my last).  So you know when I do one, the release must be pretty special.  Besides, it's even rarer that a release, and indeed a band, of this calibre come along.

It's thanks to their previous two singles, Girly and Camino de Soda, that I'm a fully-fledged member of The Machine Room's fan club.  For this, their follow-up, debut EP Love From A Distance, the aural pleasure is at an all-time high.   It all kicks off with Cost of Progress, it's urgent, pulsing sirens, pre-warning us of the foursome's mind-blowing intent.  The remaining three minutes of the song can only be described as relentless.  Well.. a relentless, mesmerising, half-intricate, half-blur of guitars and drums.  All fantastic!  That's followed up though by my favourite track on the EP, Your Head On The Floor Next Door.  Now, it might be the rhyming of "...away in a manger.../...went down on a stranger.", as the song bursts into life that does it for me, or the slightly more relaxed, upbeat mood coupled with John Bryden's stunning vocals, which fleet effortlessly throughout from a breathy husk to something approaching falsetto.  In reality, it's probably a combination of all of those things, and the fact it's just a fantastic song!

Previous single Camino de Soda has a kinda 'New Order with cowbells' thing going on which I defy anyone to find a problem with... other than lazy reviewing perhaps.   And things are rounded off with the slow-burning, dare-I-say 'epic' Picking Holes which better than any other song, showcases The Machine Room's impressive songwriting credentials.

To be honest though, reading it back, that all sounds a wee bit pish in places so you'd be better off listening for yourself below!    

You can buy Love From A Distance from The Machine Room's Bandcamp or from iTunes.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

...Saint Max!

Time now to sit back, and listen to the gospel according to Saint Max of eh... Galloway.  A fortnight ago, young Maximilian released his eponymous debut EP.  A wee, acoustic, gem of an EP at that, and a very impressive way to announce your arrival on the 'scene'.  So I wasted little time in catching up with the good saint and asked him a few questions.  Before we hear what he had to say, here's his EP to have a wee listen too.  Oh and it's FREE!

Kowalskiy:  Who is Saint Max and what is he the patron saint of?
Max:  Saint Max is simply I, or rather, I am he. It's just a silly alias; my real name is long and difficult to communicate from a stage (especially once I've had a few beers). My real name is Max Syed-Tollan, if you were wondering. Though perhaps traditionally speaking I am not much of a Saint, I do feel that music can be a rallying point for whatever you want to say. I have lots to say, so it's a good medium for me. I like the image of a musical prophet actually... I suppose I would be the patron saint of talking for too long, by the way. It's a problem I face on a daily basis. (Although I recently found out that there is a Saint Maximilian in reality : the patron saint of addiction!)

Kowalskiy:  How would you describe your sound?
Max:  Singer-sans-ensemble-rock-n-roll... Strong songwriting, no frills.

Kowalskiy:  PLUG AWAY!!!
Max:  Aha. My new EP is available to listen to and download (I heartily advise both) here on SoundCloud and you can keep up to date on all my happenings, hopes and hangups here on the sacred book of Faces.  Praise be!

Kowalskiy:  What can we expect from Saint Max in the future?
Max:  I hate to prophesize (Oh no I don't! I'm called bloody Saint Max for heaven's sake!) but you can expect to seem me spreading my rather unholy gospel at venues and gigs all over Scotland in the coming year. And, of course, I will continue to write and write and write so check my Soundcloud and I'll usually have new stuff up there. When the revolution comes, I will have been there, at some point. So yeh, look out for that too. Blessed be.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Coastal Skid Spy Wok v1.0

Here at Kowalskiy, we don't do podcasts.  But we do love SoundCloud.   I say "we" like there's some sort of office full of musical geeks trawling the net for the best up-and-coming Scottish bands.  There's not.  It's just me, on my lonesome.  Anyhoo, this is my first not-podcast.  A 'notcast' is you like, which will mainly consist of me sharing with you some of my favourite tracks, maybe even some free ones, currently doing the SoundCloud rounds with some textual babble in between.  After all, you don't want to hear my dulcet, Glaswegian tones cutting off the bands mid-song... 

First up we have a band I owe an apology... The Machine Room.  Over a month now I've had their words-cannot-describe-how-brilliant-it-really-is Love From A Distance EP to review.  It's out tomorrow (available here), yet my review is still... not!  Soon though, soon.  Until then, here's the opener Cost Of Progress to kick us off.

If you don't like that, please leave now!  Still here?  Good, let's move onto something every bit as brilliant.  Staying the other side of the M8, here's Edinburgh Uni medical student (and all-round impressive guy) Fran O'Hanlon and his exquisite alter-ego Ajimal.  His debut single Footnote To Love [Part One] is out on March 19th but you can pre-order it here!

Now that's as polished a track as you're likely to hear all year!  This next one, not so much.  But I love it all the same.  The man we have to thank, Mr. Jamie Orr a.k.a. Descant Hawk, is in an as-of-yet-unnamed band.  Going on these "ideas" he's sharing with us, he should get his finger out and get this band recording, because most of these "ideas" are a wee bit special already!

I could keep this up for aggggges.  There's loads of tracks I've come across on SoundCloud that have tickled my fancy in recent weeks.  But I'll go for three more.  I reckon any more would be pushing it.  OK, so next up we have something for all you '80s kids out there.  This (again!) Edinburgh band are a bunch of 'mavericks' if truth be told...

We all got big cheesy grins now?  The thought of spanking Tom is something I'm sure we've all thought of at one time or another so it was about time someone just came out and said it.  Thank goodness for Toy Machine.  Let me just reiterate what the guys said, if anyone knows Tom, just pass that on eh?!  They're busy putting together their follow-up to their Council Flat Sessions EP available here for free.

This next one is still a wee bit of a mystery to me.  I've featured Salute Mary a few times on ye ol' blog.  Well, they'd gone a wee bit quiet as of late until this cracker appeared online.  Is it some long-awaited new material?  Is 'The Fourth Wall' some kind of side-project?  No idea!  What I do know though, is that it's a great, slow-burning, brooding beast of a tune.  Feast your ears!

I did say six, didn't I?  So time I got to the last one.  I may do another of these.  I've rather enjoyed it even if it's just a copy-and-paste job with very little originality.  In fact, that's pretty much why I like it.  Gotta love minimal effort!  Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed these six tracks.  Be sure to check out the half-dozen bands and mind to click the download arrows!  One or two of these are FREE!  Right, last one from The Son(s).  I'll let all those comments, and the song itself, do the talking!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Kowalskiy Singles Club #12

So Valentine's is over for another year, yet it seems there's more singletons out there than usual!  Time then to hand the floor over to those harpless romantics (yes, these introductions are getting worse!). If you like what they have to say for themselves, click on the artwork, have a listen, and if you're boxes have all been ticked, get downloading! There's a bumper bevvy of beauties this time so there's gotta be one out there for you. Take it away...

Johnny and the Giros - The Day That Friction Overcame Fun
The Day That Friction Overcame Fun by Johnny and the Giros
"Young and slightly attractive males seeking other males and females to join us in watching Omnibus's (omnibi) and having private sexy raves. Loves spending Sundays in pubs and trawling social networking websites for the possibility to obtain more cyber friends. Hates feeling alone and unwanted by all of you. Ambitions - The boy who ate all the cake in that film... Yeah him." - Scott Forsyth (JATG)
With that mention of 'friction', it's clear Johnny has been on his own trawling the net for far too long! So if you fancy joining him and his Giros, maybe watch some Hollyoaks or River City omnibi at the weekend, then get clicking on the artwork. The single came out at the beginning of February and is a belter!

Capitals - Jealousy/Sinking Ships
Jealousy/Sinking Ships by Capitals
"Two Highland ex-pats seek friendship (and maybe more?) in the Big Smoke. We humbly bring you our double A-side 'Jealousy/Sinking Ships' by way of a present. With dark production, broken beats and haunting lyrics of heartache and loss, we don't wish to scare anyone off, rather express that really we're just two sensitive souls looking to find that special someone. Could it be you?" - Angus & Keir (Capitals)
Awwww, don't they sound lovely!? Not half as lovely as their double A-side though. If you loved Hello World, you'll lap this up. Don't you know it's bad manners to refuse a present...

Two Wings - Eikon
Eikon by Two Wings
"Eikon seeks some hairy fairy ears to put the 'Two' back into 'Two Wings'. Enjoys long walks in the countryside, cheap wine and cosy nights in with some dank smelling records. The featherless and/or flightless need not apply." - Owen Curtis Williams & Ben Reynolds (Two Wings)
Sucks for you flightless wonders out there!  This 2-track single is out on the 12th from twosome Two Wings.  Fans of RM Hubbert's brilliant new album may recognise the unique vocals of Hanna Tuulikki.  Ben's ain't too bade either!

"Must enjoy heavy petting from the word go. Mutual masturbation by midnight. In it for the honey. Wear Black knickers" - Pete Boggon (PET)
Oooh kinky! Talk about being unlucky in love though. This is PET's third appearance in the Singles Club. Three appearances, three brilliant tracks. As usual, it's proof they're one of the finest new bands in the country.

The Cat That Walks Alone - Push/Pull
"Mr Yin WLTM Mrs Yang for polar opposites attract. Animal magnetism a plus. Must have lovely hair and own transport." - Cameron Laing a.k.a. The Cat That Walks Alone
Feline lonely? Well spare a thought for this cat. If what Cameron say's 'pushes' your buttons, then grab your coat... you've 'pulled'. The single has been out for a few weeks, so go bag a copy pronto!

Letters - The Halfway House
The Halfway House by Letters
"5 piece dark cello pop noiseniks seek delightful young brunettes interested in a post valentine dark, medium to fast paced, throbbing 3 minute and 27 second encounter that'll have you smiling, singing and leave you crying as you deal with that all too familiar feeling of 'le petite mort'." - Mikey Ferguson (Letters)
We all know by now that Letters can do no wrong in my eyes. So it goes without saying I think their upcoming third single is suuuperb! It's out on the 19th March with their Scottish tour starting just after that.

The Draymin - Heart Attack
Heart Attack by The Draymin
"Hairy-faced strobe-lover with a dirty disco heartbeat, good mover on the dancefloor with a fondness for late nights and talking shite. WLTM something, preferably human, with a bit of stamina, sick SOH and big pair of binoculars for nights out in the bushes." - Gec Livingstone (The Draymin)
With their debut album out next month, The Draymin are giving away this track free to anyone out there with a fondness for dirty disco beats and good dance moves.  Binoculars optional!

Tom Fool - Photograph/Cold Water
Photograph/Cold Water by Tom Fool
"Newly single nob twiddler seeks compassionate listener. Must have own transport and be able to see the wood for the trees." - Rick Webster (Tom Fool)
Missing Unkle Bob yet?  I am!  But fear not, the newly-single Tom Fool is here.  With a stellar line-up comprising Unkle Bob's Rick, Gang of Four's Andy Gill and backing vocals from Eddi Reader, this double A-side promises a lot!  And it delivers.  You can get your hands on it from the 12th.

Where We Lay Our Heads - Bury You
"Glasgow foursome seeking companionship and more. If you like dancing with your hips, milkshakes, greyhounds and macaroni pies we could be the ones for you. Non smokers preferred.x" - Wull Swales (WWLOH)
I defy you to say no to a combination of greyhounds and macaroni pies! WWLOH's new single is out on the 19th of March, same day as Letters' latest offering. Why's that relevant... well, they're both on tour together, that's why! More on that on Kowalskiy in the future. Watch this space!

Plum - The Seed
The Seed by Plum
"Artistic, passionate female seeks creatively minded, big-hearted, generous and empathetic listener to share stories with...and maybe fall in love. Must enjoy gardening, planting seeds, flowers, making wishes and believe in fairies. I look forward to hearing from you." - Shona Maguire a.k.a. Plum
Oooh awkward! Both Shona and her beau (Capitals' Keir) have both supplied singles ads this month. Read into that what you will folks... Anyway, this is the title track and single from her upcoming album. Should have featured this before but I... 'plum' forgot!

Ajimal - Footnote To Love
Footnote To Love by Ajimal
"Interchangeable and shape-shifting fluid line up of members, occasionally manifest as solo artist, occasionally smothered in face paint. Likes: Beaches, Baths and Brel Dislikes: Gymnastics and lipgloss (don't ask). WLTM woman* to make child with and thereafter dedicate aforementioned song (Footnote to Love [Part One]) to aforementioned child. It is probably worth noting that embarking upon a relationship with Ajimal does mean embarking upon a potentially lifetime partnership with whosoever happens to be in the line up at that time (see Three Musketeers).

* If you happen to actually be Jacques Brel, this requirement is void, we'll find a way."
- Fran O'Hanlon a.k.a. Ajimal
Last but in no way least, is the magnificent specimen that is Ajimal. A specimen who oddly likes face paint but not lip gloss... go figure! Footnote To Love is available to pre-order now by clicking the artwork. It, and indeed all his music to date, is just phenomenal. Go get!