Tuesday 13 October 2009


Beerjacket [beer-jak-it]

1. The invisible coat you wear, when drunk, over your shirt when walking home on a freezing night out without feeling the cold.
2. Pseudonym for Glasgow folk musician Peter Kelly.

It is of course the second definition I'm interested in here and I'm not the only one...
"Great songs, and any man who thumps a tambourine with his foot whilst he's playing is good by us. And a charming gentleman to boot." - Fyfe Dangerfield, Guillemots
"This is like Elliott Smith never died. This is lo-fi pop music at its very, very best." - Song, By Toad

So here's my go...

"F***ING AWESOME!!!" - Kowalskiy

Not as word-y as the others maybe but his music really does speak for itself. New album "Animosity" is out on iTunes, Amazon etc and streaming on Beerjacket's MySpace for you to check out. Previous release "Great Unhappiness" is available for free on Peter's Soundlift profile. And if you get the chance, get your beerjacket looked out and come see his Christmas show!

Beerjacket - Christmas Show @ Oran Mor, Glasgow. 16th Dec 2009

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