Monday 26 October 2009

D is for .....Dogs Die In Hot Cars!

Some of you may be wanting to see exciting newbies, The Darien Venture take the coveted "D" spot (mp3's now up from their show at The Mill) but for me it has to be the sadly-no-longer-with-us Dogs Die In Hot Cars. They burst onto the scene in 2004 with a string of great quirky, XTC-esque singles "Godhopping", "Lounger" and "I Love You 'Cause I Have To" and followed these up with their amazing debut album "Please Describe Yourself". Sadly they split before being able to release their follow-up album "Pop Nonsense" where fans were given the chance to download samples and remix all 17 songs for the final cut. Probably one of the best second albums you'd have heard!

Back in 2004/05 they performed songs from their debut for KEPX radio in The States.

Download: Dogs Die In Hot Cars - KEPX Acoustic Session (13/11/04)
Download: Dogs Die In Hot Cars - KEPX Session (06/04/05)

While I'm on the subject of bands splitting well before their time, here's a track from Londoners Captain Black who were tipped for the big time by anyone and everyone before their break-up in April this year.

mp3: Captain Black - The Singer Is Dead

Sometimes life's just not fair...

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