Sunday 25 October 2009

C is for .....The Cinematics!

Without a doubt, the best live band in Scotland (well of those I've seen anyway)! The Cinematics finally released their second album "Love And Terror" this month and it's been in the CD player ever since. Probably bigger in Germany than they are in Scotland but that's bound to change soon with songs like "You Can Dance". Doesn't help when nowhere on the high street stock it though! Here's a wee taster and if you like what you hear you can get the album from iTunes.

There were of course a few other Scottish bands in the running, Broken Records' label-mates Camera Obscura (cracking new album "My Maudlin Career" is a must-buy) and newbies Copy Haho to name a few.

mp3: The Cinematics - You Can Dance

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