Saturday 31 October 2009


Still kicking myself for not finding out about FOUND sooner! One minute you could be taking in some quality Meursault-esque electrofolk, the next you don't quite know what the hell you're hearing! It's all good though. The guys themselves describe their fantastic concoctions as DIY folk-scientific experiments. Intrigued?

<a href="">Synth Like Minds by FOUND</a>
<a href="">Now We'll Never Make The Playlist by FOUND</a>

A bit confused yet more intrigued? Then you can buy their albums/EPs HERE!
And as a wee treat here's a wee download of their BBC 6Music Session from July.

Download: FOUND - BBC 6Music Session (28/07/09)

1. Anti-Climb Paint
2. You're No Vincent Gallo
3. Blackette
4. Alsation Gull Scene

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