Saturday 31 October 2009

L is for .....The Little Kicks!

I seen The Little Kicks woo the T-Break stage at T in the Park a few years ago and have followed them ever since (albeit from afar). Earlier this year they (finally) self-released their debut album "Boxing Clever". It's a smashing wee album so get it bought!! It begs the question "Why are they not huge?". Standout track "Don't Give Up So Easily" is one of those songs that you find yourself ooooh-ing to out loud in the car, then just won't leave your head all day!

Take my advice and go see them!

Upcoming Gigs
11 Nov - Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen (supporting Broken Records)
20 Nov - Mad Hatters, Inverness
22 Nov - Nice N Sleazy's, Glasgow
27 Nov - Doghouse, Dundee
28 Nov - The End, Newcastle
29 Nov - The GRV - Edinburgh

Here's some rave reviews...

"Their set is another winner; the jangly guitars and pounding rhythms, reminiscent at times of a less electronic New Order, if there is any justice then The Little Kicks shall be massive." - The Fly

"Despite claiming to be influenced by Radiohead, The Little Kicks still manage to make upbeat disco-rock. Lead singers Steven’s voice does emcompass Thom Yorke’s drawl, but he’s got a bit of Richard Ashcroft to him too. Mixed with Smiths-like melodies it’s pretty fresh-sounding stuff.” - NME

mp3: The Little Kicks - Don't Get Up So Easily
mp3: The Little Kicks - One More Time


  1. Thanks very much for the kind words mate and the support. see you at a show soon?

    the little kicks

  2. No problem. Boxing Clever really is a cracking wee album! Looking forward to hearing you guys at Nice N Sleazy's