Wednesday 11 November 2009

Gig Review... Meursault, Brother Louis Collective @ The 13th Note (10/11/09)

So last night marked my first gig at The 13th Note in Glasgow. First up were Olympic Swimmers, a pleasant enough indie band from Glasgow well worth having a wee listen to.

Next up were the brilliant Brother Louis Collective. That's the first I've seem them and gotta say, I love them! If you imagine a Glasgow version of Mumford & Sons, with a flute, fronted by a guy who is the spitting image of Murray from Flight of the Conchords with a Liam Frost-iness in his voice. All in all, pretty damn good! Not sure of their song names (yet!) but Song 3 in particular blew me away!

Then the main reason I was there, Meursault (pronounced Murr-So ....who knew!). I've been raving about this band for ages and they didn't disappoint.. other than not playing "The Furnace". Neil Pennycook's voice is even more striking live as they played a song or two from their amazing debut album "Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing With Tongues" and recent EP "Nothing Broke". Highlight though was new song "New Ruin" which showed a darker side to the Edinburgh band. The Stereo gig on the 29th is looking good!

And last but not least was Barn Owl.... who sadly I missed. Having had a wee listen to them on MySpace, I'm beginning to wish I'd stuck around!

All this for a fiver! Bargain!

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