Thursday 5 November 2009

S is for .....Sons and Daughters!

Here's where it starts to get a bit tricky to choose. Scotland has a shitload of great up-and-coming bands beginning with "S", Sergeant, Sparrow and the Workshop, The Seventeenth Century to name a few. But with two amazing albums and an even better EP under their belts already, it has to be Sons and Daughters. Too long they have been living under the shadow of of label-mates Franz Ferdinand (not bothered to check if this is still the case!), when in fact they are far, far better!

Once again, thanks to KEPX for the great session from 2005 including the amazing "Johnny Cash" from their debut EP "Love The Cup". Also included my favourite song, "Chains" from album "This Gift".

mp3: Sons and Daughters - Chains
Download: Sons and Daughters - KEPX Session (04/11/05)

1. Dance Me In
2. Johnny Cash
3. Monsters
4. Red Receiver

If anyone wants their other two KEPX sessions let me know!

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