Friday 6 November 2009

T is for .....The Twilight Sad!

No difficulty picking this one! If I put my love for Broken Records aside for the moment, The Twilight Sad have probably been the best band in Scotland over the last few years. New album "Forget The Night Ahead", along with their debut are surely classic albums in waiting!

Recently sold out their intimate Glasgow gig at Nice N Sleazy's in December in a matter of hours it seems. Can't wait for it, should be an amazing night!

For those unfortunate souls out there without a ticket, here's a wee consolation in the form of a couple of acoustic tracks from their session on Tuesday.

mp3: I Became A Prostitute ( Session, 03/11/09)
mp3: And She Would Darken The Memory ( Session, 03/11/09)

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