Friday 6 November 2009

Upcoming Meursault Gigs

Spotted this online courtesy of the good folk over at Song, By Toad and thought I'd share it. If it tickles your fancy then Meursault are playing a few gigs in Scotland over the next few days, starting with tomorrow's hometown gig in Edinburgh. The 13th Note one is tempting....

7 Nov - The Bowery's 1st Birthday Party, Edinburgh
9 Nov - The Tunnels, Aberdeen
10 Nov - 13th Note, Glasgow
29 Nov - Stereo, Glasgow


  1. Fancy the 13th Note one myself, but I don't think I'll make it. Too many gigs to try to get to coming up, not enough money for all of them. Lousy unemployment!

  2. 29th in Stereo too with second hand marching band and benni hemm hemm and applesofenergy - it will be a blinder!!!

  3. Tonight's at 13th Note should be a belter too. Heard a lot of good things about Brother Louis Collective!