Saturday 14 November 2009

Z is for .....Zoey Van Goey!

And last but by no means least are the quirky, but not entirely Scottish pop-folk trio Zoey Van Goey. Debut album "The Cage Was Unlocked All Along", artwork included (it's well pretty), is a sheer joy! Personal favourite "We Don't Have That Kind Of Bread" will lodge itself firmly in your brain and have you smiling and humming to yourself all day.

Unfortunately there's no gigs until early next year so in the meantime you'll have to amuse yourselves with a couple of pretty songs from the cracking album.

mp3: Zoey Van Goey - City Is Exploding
mp3: Zoey Van Goey - We Don't Have That Kind Of Bread

Some kind words for Zoey Van Goey
"Not yer typical indie outfit, this continually evolving three-piece deal in beautifully understated pop songs that sparkle and fizz with intelligence and power. Highly recommended." - The Skinny

"It's it’s good to know a Glasgow-based band like Zoey Van Goey can flourish ... This is charming folk-pop" - NME

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