Sunday 15 November 2009

Ten Tracks!

Hi guys and gals! A while ago I came across the amazing and Scottish, Ten Tracks website and it's great collection of exclusive tracks from up-and-coming bands, the majority of which are also Scottish! So it's about time you got your arses over there and bought a few of these rare gems for yourselves. For those sceptics out there here's a few rarities from Meursault and King Creosote for you to salivate over (not free I'm afraid but they'll only set you back a few pennies)

Meursault - For Gummo

King Creosote - Punchbag
This is a temperamental wee bugger (and quite a big mp3) so be patient! Or have a listen to the preview on Ten Tracks here!

Every month, new "ten track" bundles are released and you can download the whole lot for only £1 or 30p for a single track! There's exclusive remixes of the entire debut album from FOUND, some belters from Jesus H. Foxx and Mitchell Museum, and even a wee treat from Mr's Yorkston and Cowley!

Pop on over and have a wee look and get your pennies out!

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