Friday 23 April 2010

Glasgowbound: Arran Arctic

Do you remember Arran Arctic? I featured him and his "The Boy In Brown" album back in January. Well, Arran recently announced he is making the trip along the M8 in early May to perform in Glasgow for the first time. I asked him how he was feeling about playing at The 13th Note:

"I'm not feeling too bad about playing Glasgow for the first time. Although I may have a nervous breakdown minutes before I go onstage, only to pull myself back from the precipice of disaster at the last minute!

I'm trying not to worry about it, because I'm not too sure what to expect. Normally I'd check a venue out before I decided to gig there, but I'm plunging head first into this one. At the very least, I'm hoping the audience will be kind. The venue is a vegan / vegetarian restaurant - how could they not be?!"

Dunno about that, I know some pretty ruthless veggies! Anyway, if you're thinking about going, then here's what you can expect according to Arran himself:

"Since I'm testing the Merchant City waters with this gig, I'll be playing solo. For this, there are a couple of reasons:
a) It's logistically easier to transport 1 person, rather than 3 to the venue on time.
b) If it all goes tits up, I'll be able to make a hasty exit!

In seriousness, the audience will hear my songs in their most truthful and direct form. I've also recently been revisiting some older material as well, so there will definitely be some surprises in the set list that new fans may not have come across. The other two acts (Fram, My Lady of Clouds) are both great, so I'll stick my neck out and say it'll be a great night"

Who: Edinburgh-based D.I.Y. musician Arran Arctic
What: 30-minute solo acoustic set
Where: The 13th Note
When: 6th May, 8pm
With: Sandwiched between My Lady Of Clouds and headliners Fram
Worth: £5 (tickets available on the door)

Arran is giving away an acoustic version of "Tight Lipped Lover" free to anyone who signs up to his mailing list. Just head HERE! If you do, and you go to the gig, Arran has another wee freebie for you... your very own, handmade Arctic wristband.


  1. Hey Kowalskiy

    Thanks very much for posting this. I've linked to your story from my website. You can read the post at:


  2. Cheers Arran :)

    Much appreciated! Gutted I missed you on Leith FM on Sunday. Hope the session appears somewhere.