Monday 26 April 2010

Peenko vs. Aye Tunes: This Friday!

By now I'm sure you're all aware of the wee shindig at The Captain's Rest on Friday night. If not, then here's the gist....

Scottish music bloggers Peenko and Aye Tunes have teamed and persuaded three of Scotland's finest up-and-coming bands to play for them for the inaugural Peenko vs. Aye Tunes gig. On the bill are Campfires In Winter, Mitchell Museum and headliners Kid Canaveral.

Tickets are £4 in advance (you may need to be quick though) or £5 on the door.

Head over to Aye Tunes for some info on how you can get your hands on some freebies from the three bands in question.

Best of luck guys!


  1. thanks kidda, much appreciated

  2. No problem! I'm still okay for 30% of the takings? :P

  3. That's much bigger than my 0% cut!

  4. You wanna get yourself a better agent Jim ;)