Monday 19 April 2010

K&A with The Dirty Cuts

Glasgow's The Dirty Cuts are a confident bunch if their self proclamation of being "catchier than the clap" is anything to go by. Having listened to their songs, they've every right to be! Think of them as The Rapture's Glaswegian cousins, with a wee bit of The Strokes thrown in too!

Here's what the band had to say when I asked him a few questions.

Kowalskiy: Who are The Dirty Cuts?
The Dirty Cuts: Billy sings and plays synth, Kevin plays guitar, Matt plays bass and Karen drums

Kowalskiy: How did the band come about?
TDC: Matt and Billy were in bands, but craved popularity and success, and the freedom to offend, then Kevin caught it, and then Karen invited herself to play drums so she didn't have to watch them play along to a drum machine.

Kowalskiy: How would you describe your music?
TDC: Driven & Sweaty/Catchy & Filthy.

Kowalskiy: Who or what are your main influences?
TDC: Von Sudenfed, Erasure, Boney M, Gang of Four, Lou Reed, OMD, Sex with Girls.

Kowalskiy: What would your ideal gig be?
TDC: Barrowlands, maybe when Bible John was still doing the rounds in the late 60s, supported by Rolf Harris.

Kowalskiy: Who would you like to see make an impact this year?
TDC: The Dirty Cuts, Please, Young Fathers, No Yokos & Panico.

Kowalskiy: What can we expect from The Dirty Cuts in the future?
TDC: Next single ‘Yummy Mummy’ is out July 26th.

Upcoming Gigs
24th April - The Dublin Castle, London
13th May - The Roxy, Edinburgh
21st May - The 13th Note, Glasgow

If you like "Lips", then you can also buy the debut single "2 Page Spread" from iTunes.

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