Wednesday 19 May 2010

...Futuristic Retro Champions!

....and now for something a wee bit different to what I normally feature!

With a name like Futuristic Retro Champions, you'd be forgiven for expecting some 80's influenced electro, and for the band in question to be pretty damn good. That's if you were taking the name literally. Add to that some insanely-catchy pop and the undeniably Scottish twang of singer Sita Pieraccini, and that's essentially what you have!

At the end of February, they released their debut EP - the "FRC EP". Despite being acutely aware of the band (their name at least), they had somehow managed to slip under my radar. Until last week that is when this wee 4-track gem popped up in my inbox!

The opening, and standout, track "You Make My Heart" is 3 and a half minutes of pure pop perfection! It's an absolute joy but should really carry a warning... once its in there, it ain't coming out! The comparison has already been made, but just think New Order as done by Belle and Sebastian and you get the lovely, sugarcoated gist of it.

As for the other three tracks, they're pretty damn good too. If you don't believe me then download and have a listen to "DIY Lovesong", then decide for yourself.

1. You Make My Heart
2. DIY Lovesong
3. Let's Make Out
4. Told Ya

The EP is available from their bandcamp site for £2 as a digital download or £3 for a CD "cunningly disguised as vinyl" in a colour of your choosing (so long as its either green, orange, red, black or blue). If you like what you hear, then here are a few dates for your diary.

Upcoming Gigs
14th June - West End Festival @ Bar Brel, Glasgow
17th June - Leith Festival, Edinburgh
30th July - PINUP Nights Summer Festival @ The Flying Duck, Glasgow

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