Thursday 20 May 2010

Aerials Up - Vic Galloway Session (20/05/10)

Last night was a pretty special one for music! As I was making my way back from Wolf Parade's gig at Oran Mor, elsewhere in Glasgow, countless others would have been at Mono listening to the mighty Meursault play at the Song, by Toad Records Showcase event, or The Seventeenth Century playing Nice'n' Sleazy's. Over in Edinburgh, my new favourites Curators were playing Cabaret Voltaire, and tucked away in the BBC Radio 1 Scotland studio, Glasgow 10-piece Aerials Up were recording a stunning live session for the one-and-only Vic Galloway.

If you've not heard them before, they really are pretty special!

Download: Aerials Up - Vic Galloway session (20/05/10)

1. Stay Awake
2. First In The Fire
3. Broken Wing
4. Superglue

If you like what you hear then here's some dates for you:

Upcoming Gigs
22nd May - Stag and Dagger @ Nice 'n' Sleazy, Glasgow (5pm)
22nd June - West End Festival @ The Captain's Rest, Glasgow

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