Wednesday 14 July 2010

Aye Tunes vs. Peenko II

On the 30th of April, Scottish music bloggers Lloyd Peenko and Jim Aye Tunes teamed up to bring you the musical extravaganza that was Peenko vs. Ayetunes at The Captain's Rest. Back then they were joined by Campfires In Winter, Mitchell Museum and Kid Canaveral. By all accounts, it was a fantastic night!

Well, this Saturday, they're back with Aye Tunes vs. Peenko II (seemingly the order has been changed to stop any whinging) at The 13th Note. Three more cracking bands have signed up: We're Only Afraid of NYC and former K&Aers Little Yellow Ukuleles and Randolph's Leap.

If you fancy going, then you have three options:
  1. You can buy tickets from Peenko here for £5,
  2. You can head over to Aye Tunes' bandcamp where you can also download a free song from each of the three bands on the bill. Not bad, eh?
  3. Or you can turn up on the night and chance your arm there's still tickets available
Judging by the first gig, option 3 isn't recommended.... just saying!


  1. Jim had to have his name first this time, otherwise he'd cry - true story

  2. I'll make YOU cry Mr Peenko...