Wednesday 14 July 2010

...your neighbour the liar!

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Edinburgh indiemo 4-piece your neighbour the liar. They recently released their second EP "Welcome To A Life Of Insecurity And Paralyzing Self-doubt" for free over on their bandcamp. I've had a wee listen, several times actually, and it's pretty damn good!

Here's some info on the band, the EP, and what lies in store for the future, from the band themselves...

Kowalskiy: Who are your neighbour the liar?
yntl: We are four guys in our early twenties who enjoy hanging out and playing music together. Andy & Kyle both sing and play guitar, Jamie plays drums and Dave plays bass.

Kowalskiy: You've recently released new EP "Welcome To A Life Of Insecurity And Paralyzing Self-doubt" on bandcamp for free! What's the story behind it, and how would you describe your music?
yntl: Some of the ideas on the EP include being bored of mundane life and feeling trapped in your hometown, dealing with tragedy in your life and generally being disillusioned that your life isn't as interesting as those portrayed in films. The title comes from a quote I've always liked by the character Seth Cohen in The OC; I felt it fitted in with the overall feeling of the EP. We like releasing our music for free so everyone has easy access to it. Our sound is essentially emotive indie rock but with post punk tendencies.

Kowalskiy: What can we expect from yntl in the future?
yntl: We have always tried to be pro-active as a band since we started, writing new songs, recording and playing in new places to new people. Our plan is to continue doing this. We hope to have a 7" single out by the end of the year, whether it is by raising the funds ourselves or being lucky enough to work with a label. We are working towards having a full length out next year.

your neighbour the liar - The Michael Cera Type your neighbour the liar - Welcome To A Life Of Insecurity And Paralyzing  Self-doubt

For your free downloads of the new EP and their debut "That Michael Cera Type", click the cover art above. Their debut (the one on the left) is also available as a limited-edition CD for £3.

Upcoming Gigs
21st July - Sneaky Pete's, Edinburgh (with Pareto)
1st Aug - The 13th Note, Glasgow (with Good Luck, Bangers & Blue Sky Archives)
11th Aug - 3 Sisters Festival Stage, Edinburgh (acoustic, with Kerrie Lynch)
15th Aug - Negi Dungeon, Glasgow (with What Price, Wonderland? & Twisted)

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