Monday 16 August 2010

...Invisible Elephant!

I don't know much about Invisible Elephant to be honest. His MySpace doesn't reveal much other than his Blackpool links. Whether he's just jumping on the recent footballing bandwagon, who knows!?! I'm not usually one to feature non-Scottish bands either, but he has assured me that his family are all Scottish, hailing from Wick, he's on a Scottish records label label (Sonic Reverie) and he has once, "only once mind", drank some Buckfast. The rest is still shrouded in mystery. What is clear though from listening to his album "The Lights Go Out" is that he is one talented so-and-so!

The music comes across as easy-listening post-rock, at times like a stripped-back My Bloody Valentine. With each listen though, you come to realise there's a lot going on in his music. What we have is a perfectly balanced mix of styles that is tricky to pigeon-hole. Take "Wind-Up Bird" for example. The MBV comparisons can be thrown out the window here as the reverbing guitars and dreamlike hushed vocals of opening track "Communication (Part II)" and "Lost In The Woods" make way to eerie creaking, distant tribal chanting and the plasticky rap of a preschool drum kit! At first listen, sheer simplicity. Delve back into it, and its so much more. Either way you look at it, its a cracking listen, which pretty much goes for the rest of the album too!

<a href="">Wind-Up Bird by Invisible Elephant</a>

The album is up on Invisible Elephant's bandcamp page for FREE download, or available on CD from Sonic Reverie with two added bonus tracks. Well worth having a listen!

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