Monday 1 November 2010

Unkle Bob - Shockwaves

It's been 4 years this since Glasgow's Unkle Bob released their debut album Sugar & Spite.  In the time since, the band have been busying themselves to bring us the follow-up Shockwaves.  So, is it going to send, wait for it.... shockwaves through the musical world, or like the guy on the cover, will it nosedive?

I'm glad to say there's no sign of the latter at all.  Opening track, and last year's single Satellite marks an incredible start to any album.  Gorgeous intro, building up into a rousing anthem with and an epic, singalong chorus.  There's not been a drive to work in a while which it hasn't been played on!  Recent single (and free download) In My Head is up next.  Kinda what you'd expect if The Flaming Lips were to take an Athlete track, rescue it from middle-of-the-road obscurity and turn it into something a wee bit special!   With a great video too!  The rest of the album is littered with more gems like the verging-on-post-rock So Sorry, the gorgeous ballad Proud and the brilliant Loneliness which for me, steals the show from the opening two tracks.  The album does tail away slightly towards the end.  Not a nosedive as such, just those earlier shockwaves beginning to dampen a tad.

Fancy a wee taster from the album in the form of So Sorry?  Well, pop your email address in the space below, and..... Bob's your Unkle!  Is it just me or does the intro sound a wee bit like Steve Mason??

As for upcoming gigs, the guys and girl are supporting the mighty Goo Goo Dolls on their UK tour this month kicking off in their hometown Glasgow this Sunday.  Tickets are on sale here along with the rest of the tour dates.  The album can be bought here from the band with various special offers and combinations for the Unkle Bob fanatics out there! 

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