Tuesday 14 December 2010

2010's Top 10 Albums: #6 - Thirty Pounds Of Bone

I did say you'd be hearing a bit more from Johny Lamb a.k.a. Thirty Pounds Of Bone this month!  Well, here's one of the reasons why... his fuzzy, folky, gem of an album, Method, which has narrowly missed out on a spot in my top 5 albums of 2010.  Here's what Johny himself said about the album when I asked him a few questions earlier this month, and here's a few reasons why Method is my #6...

Method can be bought on CD or download from here, with a free download of the opening track, Crack Shandy In The Harbour to further whet your appetite!  Just one more Thirty Pounds Of Bone related post to go this year...


  1. Great record - just missed out on my countdown!

  2. It was a late entry in mine! If you like it then you'd best stay tuned... more Thirty Pounds Of Bone news on the 16th ;)