Wednesday 15 December 2010

Ten Tracks Presents :: A Website Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

This Friday, Kowalskiy favourites, and Ten Tracks' most downloaded artist of 2010, Foxgang, join a whole host of bands at Stereo in Glasgow to mark the arrival of the "newly souped-up and easier to use version of the website".  Sharing the stage with them are The BlessingsFrog PocketGRNR, Not Squares, Enfant Bastard, Logikparty, Tokamak, Fur Hood and Blood Blood.  The whole thing kicks off at 6pm and will set you back a measly £10, which also gets you a year-long subscription to the new and improved Ten Tracks.  Get your tickets here or here, and all you Facebookers can RSVP here.

Those of you not able to make it to Glasgow this Friday, fear not!  Foxgang, Not Squares and Logikparty will be in Edinburgh on Saturday to play The Forest Cafe.

I'll leave you with some words from Joe Foxgang... "Get out of the miserable bastard cold and into the heat of a fiery dance inferno".

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