Wednesday 9 March 2011

Kowalskiy Singles Club #2

Welcome to the second meeting of the Kowalskiy Singles Club.  Before we see how our singles got on last time round (we're not really though), I have a new batch waiting to win you over.  Hopefully one of these beauties will float your boat.  If so, then click on the cover art and get "downloading"...

Weather Barn - The Boat Ride
The Boat Ride by Weather Barn
"If you like your guitars loud and chunky plus harmonies that the Wilson brother's might admire, then check out 'The Boat Ride' on iTunes from 28th March. Two and half minutes of non-stop-Scottish-pop awaits you." - Steve Morris (Weather Barn)
And here was me expecting some sort of "The (Boat) Ride of your life" comment!  Anyway, if this tickles your fancy, then you can get a hold of this cracking single at the end of the month.  I can't recommend Weather Barn highly enough.  

Shambles Miller - Things That Make Me AngryThings That Make Me Angry by Shambles Miller
"Politically-minded beard enthusiast and linguist seeks like-minded individual(s) with GSOH and SI for drunken nights setting the world to rights and resulting grumpy hangovers over a glass of Irn Bru. ACA. - Campbell "Shambles" Miller
Mr. Miller has put this track from his recent EP up on Strummerville. Show some love... it's free!  Plus, I'm sure it's what Joe would have wanted. (N.B. this is pure speculation.)

Cities and Skylines - Holes In The Snow
Holes In The Snow by Cities and Skylines
"Tall, large built masterpiece seeks beautiful high flyer to enjoy stunning views and walks in the park." - Cities and Skylines
So if you're into your tall, large built masterpieces and you're a beautiful high flier, then this is a match made in heaven!  This introductory single came out back in January on Ignite Records.  So if what they say "ignites" ... I'll stop now, just click on the cover art.  

Findlay Napier & The Bar Room Mountaineers - Valentines Day
"Stood up? Locked out? Kept awake by amorous neighbours? Never fear. Let hope rise from the ashes of your Valentine's Day failures. S, M, GSOH, ISO-W/E F, WAA" - Findlay Napier
Someone else up on their lonely-hearts lingo I see!  I'm maybe a wee bit late featuring this one, but once again, the man behind Hazy Recollections has come up trumps.  Fingers crossed your Valentine's Day went a wee bit better.

This Silent Forest - Falter Discover
Falter Discover by This Silent Forest
"Musicians (Band, classical and electronic) Mid twenties, seek long term friends (male and female) to enjoy spending long walks through woodland areas, the great outdoors, adventure sports, gigs, theatre and cooking. Must enjoy a mix of pop, rock, acoustic and classical music genres." - This Silent Forest
Just released on Monday, this is the great debut from Glasgow's singer/songwriter-led folky 7-piece.  If you're intrigued then get downloading!

Battle For 2nd Place - Say It Ain't So
Say It Ain't So - Battle For 2nd Place
"I Hate Myself Yet I Love the new Battle for 2nd Place single …
Bitter, unsuccessful 30-something loser wallowing in an unending sea of despair and loneliness looking for 24-year-old needy leech-like hanger-on to abuse with dull stories, tired sex and obscure Nirvana bootlegs.
" - Dave 'Chorr' Orr' (Battle For 2nd Place)
Sigh... if only I was 2 years younger!  Ah well, if you're into that sort of thing, click on the cover art and have a wee listen.  Dull stories and tired sex is but a click away!

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