Monday 7 March 2011

The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse - Fajita's Basement EP

There's a few reasons why I tipped The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse to light up 2011.  I won't bore you with them all though.  Needless to say, the main one is that he's really rather good!  Batshit crazy mind you, but very, very good indeed.  His debut album One Zero One Zero One Zero, released last year, was a breath of fresh air, and unlike anything else around.  At only 18 minutes long, it was quite a short breath!  Fajita's Basement EP, his latest offering, is no different.  Four songs long, and lasting just over six minutes, it's clear that quantity isn't really this mysterious chap's style.  His music may be durationally-challenged, but it more than makes up for it with it's unrivaled likability.  Besides, if you can pack as much into 90 seconds as others struggle to do in three times that, who cares!

There's programmed drum beats and a whole host of sublime guitarmanship (and plenty of guitars too) crammed into four brilliant wee songs.  It all kicks off with Blame You, Blame You.  Now, whether this is a dig at the blame culture that exists in our world today, or whether that's overthinking it slightly and it's just an innocent song about a hole in someone's shoe, who knows?  Well, Ramisco probably, but either way, it's a cracking song that's bound to get you singing and clapping along.

The minute-long One Thousand Big Ol' Trees hammers home the sense of fun and knack for penning a great, addictive tune that seemingly comes naturally to Ramisco.   However, it's the closing track, the countrified, americana-esque romp, Chew Chew which inexplicably steals the show. 

I don't have a Scooby what a "Chew Chew" is in this context, but one thing's for sure... having had the song lodged in my head for a while now, if I don't got mine, I'll "put my hands in my mouth and dribble all over myself".  Yeah, that's a what I'll do, do.  Powerful stuff!

The EP isn't out until March 28th but The Horse has set up a promotional streamer, codenamed My Left Hoove, especially for you and your listening pleasure.  So, how best to sum up the EP?  In the words of the man himself, it's "crazy awesome".  Ramisco really is in a league of his own.  In fact, he's on a different f**king planet!

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