Friday 20 May 2011

Kowalskiy Singles Club #3

Time for Kowalskiy to play matchmaker once again as I try to pair you up with half-a-dozen-or-so 'singles'.  Each one, gorgeous in it's own way, is more than worthy of a place in your hearts/music libraries.  Before we see how our singles got on last time round, lets have a look at the new hopefuls.  If any do it for you, then click on the cover art and get better acquainted.  Happy downloading...

Tape Singles Club #1 - Tape Studios
"Long enough to make love to, doesn't wet the bed anymore and will make you breakfast. - The Machine Room

"Hexagonally limbed, three headed new wave nerd, seeks the progressively minded for creating epic Vangelisian soundscapes and summoning thunderstorms with tribal drum pummelings.  Must like our owl, glitter and Xbox live. 4EVER" - Dead Boy Robotics
Two singles for the price of one!  This is the first in what will hopefully be a lot of split singles from Edinburgh's Tape Studios!  Released on the 23rd May.  More below...

Galleries - Darkness Coming
Darkness Coming by Galleries
"Grandiose, non-gender specific, lonely heart with no trace of a sense of humour and as old as time itself seeks similar. Enjoys black and white film, walking in the dark and large quantities of sound.  Must have a good imagination and a void in their soul." - David (Galleries)
Fit the bill?  Then click on the cover art!

The Spook School - History/Hallam
History/Hallam by The Spook School
"Early/not-yet twenties indie-pop band seek friendly ears. Boy-girl-boy-girl harmonies, jingly-jangly guitars, lots of reverb, partially-naked drumming and GSOH. Likes walks by the seaside, John Cleese, androgyny. Will you eat Jaffa Cakes with us?" - Naomi Todd (The Spook School)
Well, will you?  (Please note: Must supply your own Jaffa Cakes)

The Little Kicks - Call Of Youth
Call Of Youth by The Little Kicks
"For us Call of Youth = a summery indie pop song with a stack of catchy vocal hooks, nice shiny guitars and a fair bit of balls thrown in for good measure. It also has a deliberately big thumping outro- just like all the best songs should have!" - The Little Kicks
So if you fancy a teaser from these Aberdonians' second album, then click on the cover art for your FREE download!

If that's not enough, let's hear from one of the men behind the Tape Singles Club.  I give you Mr. Stephen Watkins...

"Big shot record producer/scarecrow impersonator exquisitely tailored in female fashion, equally afraid of germs & sleep seeks fun outgoing rekkid buying humans with similar outlook. And money. For possible barter agreement or otherwise May 23rd. Cheers."

Why should you get to know Stephen Tape?
"Possible 1% royalty prospect, will fire your rhythm section and program the Linn drum. Interested in cutting goddamn records ( hitz ) , Solid State Logic console dynamics, Dimension D's, Lexicon 480's, distressing snares, room mics, aqua eyeliner, Pike Place roast. Having a G. Lagavulin on the ROAKZ. Can't cook. Can mix. Looks a bit like Dr Who n that. Casual. G.S.O.F***ING.H."

He describes his ideal match:  "Trevor Horn. All Terts with coin and a record player.  Fans of the Machine Room / Dead Boy Robotics / The big sound YO.

Country of origin: United Kingdomz
Location: Bang in the centre of your Edinburgh.
Gender: Male I think
Age: Twentys Nine
Star Sign: Leo
Height: 6'1" ( loads of cm )
Status: Cheerz
Looking for: Penpals, Fans, People who are ok with him widening the space time continuum by connecting 3 Dimension D's together in series. Anyone at all to buy a vinyl copy of Tape Singles Club #1.
Have children: Yes, nonidentical twins, Dead Boy Robotics & The Machine Room. Born May 23rd 2011.
Want Children: Yes. Having it off with my console is loved.
Education: You bet your ass
Occupation: Record Producer / Mixer at TAPE
Income: More than 50,000pence a year.
Ethnicity: White/Coakasianz
Home Language: Absolute STATE.
Other Languages: Fairlight Page R
Do you tweet: I twot - @stephentape

All I can say is... approach with caution!  If you've bought any of these singles and want to report back on how you've both been getting on, then drop me a line at and I may pop one or two up on the next post.

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