Thursday 15 October 2009

...The Seventeenth Century!

Without a doubt, one of the best unsigned bands in Scotland! Think of them as a non-banjo-listic Mumford & Sons.... with a violin, churning out song after song of orchestral indie magic and gorgeous harmonies to boot! They're due to release an EP in the near future, and if their new single "Roses In The Park" is anything to go by then the future is promising for The Seventeenth Century. Check out the The Skinny's single of the month (September 2009) for yourself.

"Roses in the Park (****, 14 Sep) is a swelling, gorgeous composition centred on a Fleet Foxes-like vocal tableau, embellished with strident horns and subtle glock. A worthy Single of the Month."

If that's whetted your appetite, be sure to buy the EP and try and catch them live!

24th October - Sloans, Glasgow (Oxjam Festival)
12th October - Oran Mor, Glasgow (w/ Trashcan Sinatras)
13th October - Tait Hall, Kelso (w/ Trashcan Sinatras)
14th October - Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh (w/ Trashcan Sinatras)
16th October - The Warehouse, Aberdeen (w/ Trashcan Sinatras)

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