Sunday 20 December 2009

Ten for 2010... Brother Louis Collective!

The first of my Scottish tips for 2010 are the brilliant Brother Louis Collective from Glasgow. I'll be honest and say that I'd never heard of them 'til a while back. Thank f**k for The Mill. With rumours of a debut album out sometime next year, following on from the cracking "These Barren Years" single, 2010 could be well be their year.

I've compared them in the past to Mumford & Sons (albeit a bit less 'banjolistic'... with a flute) and if Brother Louis' infectious brand of orchestral indie-pop and amazing live shows are anything to go by, there's nothing stopping them 'doing a Mumford'. Anyone out there know the number for Mumford & Sons PR man?

Last chance to see them this year is at King Tut's tomorrow night (21st December) with Kitty The Lion and Pearl And The Puppets.

There's a criminal lack of songs out there to be heard! Here's a few links to some mp3s from The Mill!

mp3: Brother Louis Collective - These Barren Years

mp3: Brother Louis Collective - Old Balloons

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